Are You Planning a Trip to the Snow This Winter?

If you are planning a trip to the snow this winter, and think you may need snow chains, I have an excellent service to refer you to. I grew up in snow country and recall all of the problems that you can encounter when putting chains on your vehicle-from the hazards of installing the chains on the side of the road, in a snow storm-with other vehicles swerving as they pass by. Sometimes, it seems to take forever, in the bitter cold. Or worse, yet-if the chains are not installed properly-it can be extremely hazardous-especially if the chains break while you are driving-and the roads are icy. This is one task that you want to get done properly-and as quickly as possible-to get yourself out of the road-and the cold! If you feel the least bit challenged with this-or think it would be a good idea to have everyone in your family know how to install snow chains, as a valuable learning experience, than look no further. Go to or call Thomas # 619-442-3767
Thomas embodies everything that you would hope to encounter in a service business; excellent personal and caring ‘hands on’ service, excellent product knowledge-you can learn something of real ‘lifetime value’-and his prices are very reasonable. Perhaps the greatest benefit is that you get to meet, first-hand’-a guy that is truly ‘one of a kind’. For the past 50 years, he has been known as the ‘San Diego Highway Man’-rescuing people that were stranded on the side of the road-and requesting nothing in return. He is the ultimate and ‘selfless’ ‘good Samaritan-and embodies the very best in each of us. He has donated his time to do ‘good works’ and has rescued countless people that were in need of dire help. Many people owe their life to him. When I met Thomas, he was truly an inspiration to me. He shows each of us ‘how much more we can do’ to help others-if we always come from a place of ‘serving’ and contribution. You can learn more about this remarkable person by checking out the links at:

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